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Locked Area is a highly sophisticated user management, password protection and membership management system written in Perl. It has been designed to be as secure as possible while it still runs hands-free with no input from the webmaster needed. Locked Area is available in two versions, Lite and Pro.

Locked-Area.com is the centre point for distribution of the internationally acclaimed Locked Area program as well as many other security and membership management solutions. Our software varies from free open source password protection software to high level, user and membership management software with e-commerce integration, affiliate system and helpdesk.

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Locked Area Lite Features

Locked Area Lite is everything you need to setup a secure member's area on your web site. Fully automated online registration form, comprehensive administration panel and powerful user account manager tools are all included free of charge, and the automated installation wizard enables you to have everything setup in a matter of minutes on any web hosting account.

Locked Area Pro Features

Locked Area Pro offers all the features and benefits of Locked Area Lite, and also includes support for PayPal subscriptions allowing you to charge a recurring fee for accessing your member's area, email validation which ensures all email addresses collected are valid, administrator validation of registrations which enables you to manually check each registration before access is granted and many more extended features which are compatible with all the best web hosting providers.

£29.00 GBP (Pounds Sterling) is approximately $37.79 US Dollars or €33.92 Euros.

Rates last updated, 2016-08-10 03:54:20 EDT (GMT-4).

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Latest News

Locked Area v6.4 Released!
    11 October 2008
Locked Area v6.3 Beta Released!
    20 September 2008
Locked Area v6.2 Beta Released!
    06 September 2008
Locked Area v6.1 Beta Released!
    05 August 2008
Site Updates and New Logo
    03 August 2008


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